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Modern Mummification is available through funeral homes worldwide. Please
have your local funeral home contact us to begin making arrangements.




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It is a Neverending Story whose mystery and intrigue will always captivate us.

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Summum is the only organization in the world to offer the service of Modern Mummification. We have been featured in educational television programs such as National Geographic Explorer and the British Broadcasting Corporation's "The Face of Tutankhamun." Other shows include ABC's Good Morning America, The Quest on The Learning Channel, and a production for the Discovery Channel.

International news media attention includes a feature story by Edit International and worldwide broadcast presentations on Telemundo. European and Asian television, numerous radio programs, and many publications have presented stories about our distinguished rites.

Summum's Mummification of Transference was featured on the CBS Evening News as part of a story about alternative funeral options. You can still catch the segment on the CBS News website in a story entitled Not Your Parents' Funeral.

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