The First Encounter



Billions of years ago, the universe and everything within it exploded into being. The creation of the universe is the single paramount event from which all other events precipitate. That it happened is obvious. Understanding how it happened is our ultimate quest. As human beings, we ponder the origins of the universe and its subsequent nature.

On the smallest scale, the cosmos reveals to us a universe of quanta particles; on the largest, a universe filled with galaxies, stars, planets, life, and intelligence. The progression is infinite.

Spirograph Nebula

Are we then to believe ourselves alone in the vastness of creation, or perhaps even the crown of it? Is it so inconceivable to imagine that others have progressed beyond our current level of technological and spiritual means?

In 1975, Amen Ra (Founder), an administrative manager for a large Salt Lake City supply company, began to receive a series of "visits" from advanced living beings. His first reactions of shock and disbelief lead him to a period of seclusion.

Yet the visits continued. The beauty and purity of the concepts that these individuals brought to him were changing his life dramatically. He was instructed to write a book in order to make this information available to those who are ready to hear it. The book was written, and the teachings are now available through the publication.

Here is his account of his contact with these beings...

The First Encounter

References to encounters with Beings not of this planet can be found in all major philosophies and religions dating back to the beginning of recorded history. Encounters with Beings extraterrestrial or otherwise have happened before. Filled with these encounters, our philosophies and religions have formed the groundwork for enormous social changes with humankind.

Today scientists and governmental agencies give serious consideration to the possibility of life elsewhere. Extensive research and efforts are being expended to contact extraterrestrial life forms. No longer can the conscious human ignore the question, "Is there intelligent life in places other than Earth?"

Something is happening! The majority of the population believe in the probability of extraterrestrial life, and many of them have seen evidence to sustain that belief. Even prominent people such as Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, former presidents of the United States of America, have reported mysterious encounters. The condition of the mind, be it opened or closed, will determine whether humans will find answers to the many questions which plague them concerning other intelligent life and the enigma surrounding the origin of the cosmos.

This is my report of an encounter with Beings not of this planet. It is a true story -- as true as I understand truth to be -- as true as I am able to describe it. I wish to report that I have had an unprecedented, modern day, personal encounter with advanced Beings. One might ask, "Who are they and where did they come from? How did they contact me? Are they friendly or unfriendly? What treasures of knowledge did they have to share with me?"

My initial reaction to the encounter was that I was losing my reasoning. I was hesitant to tell anyone what had happened to me. I felt they would think I had a confused mind or was using some kind of hallucinogenic drug. The encounter was completely contradictory to my belief system and to the structure of my "ego."

I had been an Elder in the Mormon Church, married with two children, and well educated. I didn't possess the mental "space" or openness to accept the events which happened to me.

Originally, I thought these Beings had come into my life to suit their own purposes, using me to fulfill their ends. I can say that I now know how it feels to have an encounter of the type so often spoken of in history. I know how it feels to touch Beings not of this world -- what they look like, how they smell, and how it is to be with them. I know how they behave, where they come from, and why they contacted me.

In retrospect, I concede that what happened to me did not cause fear or anxiety except for when my "ego" refused to accept the reality of the encounter. I was also concerned about what other people would think of me if I explained my experience to them. In the past I believed that people who told of experiences like mine were either lying or mentally ill. This put me in a precarious situation. There has always been ridicule directed at those who have publicized their experiences. Society is full of strident professional debunkers whose hidden personal fears have sealed their minds.


In 1974, I had finished constructing a den in my new home. The home was built for me by my father and was situated in an exclusive area of the Salt Lake Valley. Located at the base of Mount Olympus, it had a fabulous view where you could see from one end of the valley to the other. I was the administrative manager for a large supply company in Salt Lake City. After work, and the normal greetings to wife and children, I would go down to the den to relax for a few minutes before dinner. Sitting on the carpeted floor with my back against the wall, I would close my eyes and just rest. There was no noise, just total silence, complete calm. It was a wonderful way to relax from a hectic day. After several months of this form of relaxation, I began to notice a "ringing" in my ears. The more I listened to it, the more intense the ringing became.

Months passed, and as often as possible I would practice my "relaxation" in the den after work, listening to this sound that had now moved to the center of my mind. During this time, my wife and I began to perceive the world from two totally unrelated perspectives. Our marriage dissolved and we were divorced. I moved, changed employment which doubled my income, and was now practicing my relaxation in an apartment after work.

One afternoon in late October 1975, after calling upon clients all day, I came home to the apartment, sat down on the front room sofa, and began to practice my relaxation. I closed my eyes, turning my attention away from all outside noise and towards the sound within my mind. It became very intense. Suddenly, I was totally engulfed by the sound, every cell of my body vibrating. It seemed as if the sound was coming from both outside and inside of me simultaneously. It was completely encompassing.

Teleporting particles

In some places it
is in its infancy.
In others...

Instantly, I opened my eyes and found myself standing next to an enormous pyramid. I was neither frightened nor concerned. An unusual calm and peace permeated my entire being. I was in a totally aware state of consciousness. There were no questions in my mind, such as, "Why am I standing next to this huge pyramid?" I had heard about pyramids from my studies of world history in school, but I knew little about them.

I was fascinated by this pyramid. I began walking around it, to what I perceived to be the north side. It appeared to be about one half mile long at the base and made of a material similar to graphite. Its surface was smooth, and I did not notice any distinguishing markings or etchings, nor did I see any entranceways. Grass covered the ground and it was as perfectly manicured as a golf green. The sky was bright but there was no sun. Stars filled the heavens. There was no sound or movement of any kind. It felt as if everything was perfect, and my being there was part of this perfect state.

As I arrived at what I believed to be the north side of the pyramid, I saw another structure. This second structure had a round, convex shape, like a flattened ball. It also was very large, appearing to be about one hundred yards in diameter. It seemed to be constructed of the same material as the pyramid. Its surface was smooth with no markings or visible entrance ways. I walked right up to the structure, feeling drawn towards it. I felt compelled to walk through its wall, and I did.

At this point I became intensely interested in my body for it amazed me to be able to walk through a wall that was at least three feet thick. I felt my hands and my arms. I could feel my body. It was real and I was alive. I was conscious. I breathed. My heart was beating. Physically nothing had changed, and yet I had just walked through the wall -- unbelievable! The material of the wall seemed to just flow around my body. I could feel the ground, but it was as if I was "melting" through the wall.


Passing through the wall, I found myself in a large room resonant with light radiating from the air. The walls, floor, and ceiling looked as if they were made of very thick glass. Ahead of me, about thirty feet away, stood a group of individuals. They looked like humans, yet they were different. Both male and female individuals were there. Their appearance was striking! They were so beautiful, so elegant, that I could not take my eyes off of them. Their facial features and bodies were so perfectly formed, it seemed as if they were divine in their physical appearance. I had never seen such extremely attractive people before. As I started to wonder about them, a concept came into my mind which answered all my questions. They established a high level telepathic link with my mind, and instantaneously I understood them. I knew of their origin, their work, and their purpose.

They guided me across the room and directed my attention to an area on the floor. Out of the floor rose an elliptical glass-like shaft approximately eighteen by ten inches in size. I watched it rise from the floor and looked into it. Concepts started streaming through my mind. It seemed as if I had been standing there for a lifetime, for several lifetimes, so penetrating were these concepts flowing into my mind. I subsequently learned that the glass-like shaft was a form of crystal, and that as I looked down into it, there was another crystal shaft protruding from the ceiling towards the back of my head. With newfound appreciation, I am reminded that recorded history makes mention of communication taking place through the use of crystals. Within religious books such as The Bible, The Torah, and The Bhagavad Gita are found passages describing the use of crystals in communication. Perhaps the crystals I encountered can be considered a contemporary Urim and Thummim (see Exodus ch. 28 vs. 30).

After sorting out some of the concepts which were now in my mind, I came to realize that for the human being to understand these concepts in such a short term, it is necessary to reorganize the human thinking processes. The mind must be organized rather than in a state of confusion. I have since concluded that with the facility of the crystals which were tuned to the memory (chemical) storage within my brain, the concepts were literally impressed upon me by these magnificent individuals.

I was never hesitant, nor did I fear or regret anything they did to me. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It is difficult for me to explain how wonderful this experience was. There are no words to express the love and devotion I now have for these divine Beings and their work. In their presence, I feel overwhelmed. I feel as if I am in the "seventh heaven." I'm in the safest place one could ever imagine. I cannot think of a greater gift than what they gave me.

At this point, it is important to stress that I was at all times in control of my body and its functions. At no time was my body ever entered by another entity or spirit. I was always conscious while the concepts were being given to me. There was no entity speaking through me. With the current public awareness of "channeling," a process wherein earthbound, disembodied entities use the bodies of embodied entities to speak through, it is important to understand that this is not what happened to me. The concepts were given to me, and I worked to gain an understanding of them on my own.

I found myself sitting on the sofa in the exact spot where I started this experience, the sound still in my mind. I simply sat there in amazement. At first I thought I had just experienced some sort of mental alteration. I was in a quandary about my rationality. The thought of telling anyone about this experience seemed outrageous, and I remained uncertain about how I was going to deal with it. I didn't want to tell anyone about it for fear of ridicule. Yet the experience was so profoundly beautiful, there was no way I could erase it from my mind. There was no way to elude the gift of awareness of the concepts. There were conflicts about my possession of the knowledge, of what to do with it, how to figure it all out, and the persistent question, "WHY ME?" What did I do to deserve this wonderful experience?


Being extroverted in nature seemed to make it all the more difficult. I found myself wanting to hide from the world, not knowing what was going to come out of my mouth. I might tell someone of the concepts and they would give me the quiz about the origins of this knowledge. So, for a short period of time, I withdrew, spending the majority of time working in my mind with the concepts that began to fill my life with understanding.

As time passed I began to comprehend the wisdom of the concepts and to experience their role within the world I lived in and knew. I began to recognize how they formed the underlying Principles that create my world and the world around me. Just as I was getting comfortable with what had happened to me, I would encounter these angelic Beings again. They escorted me again to the crystals, giving me additional information by impressing more concepts within my mind. Although, I now began to discover how to apply the concepts, which helped me to explain to those around me what was happening to me.

For the first time in my life, my mental direction started to move forward rather than in circles. I was given a gift which made me different than others around me. The gift of these concepts took me from the chaos of the normal humankind mind and into a clarity of mind beyond belief. Heavenly Beings, whom I began to refer to as the Summa Individuals (meaning Highest Individuals), gave me the knowledge of my personal destiny, for I had arrived at an understanding of who they were and what their purpose was. I came to understand the nature of the work I was responsible to complete, even though I had no details of how to accomplish this task. I thought it would all be laid out like an instruction booklet. I assumed that with their knowledge, power, and advanced state, all I had to do was start the process of informing people about the Principles and the Summa Individuals would do the rest.

What an illusion I was entertaining, thinking that they would do the work and I would be the benefactor of their labors; that I could watch them use their powers to build and change planet Earth, and I could reap the rewards of their efforts. It took a period of time before I realized that all the benefits and rewards ARE IN THE WORK! It took awhile for me to exchange my ego for their celestial ego and allow myself to comprehend the true value of the gift I had been given.

I have been with the Summa Individuals many, many times, and I expect to be with them again. But I am not the only one who has seen them. Many others have been privileged and blessed to be with them, touch them, and learn from them. These advanced Beings work with those ready to take up the labor of universal progression and divine evolution, and within the bounds of natural LAW provide assistance to those willing to take the responsibility of this destiny.


From the very beginning, the Summa Individuals opened my awareness to the Principles. The Principles are not new. They have always existed and have been reported throughout the ages. Each time the Summa Individuals support and assist in the evolution of Humankind, acting as a catalyst for progression, and always bound by the constraint of the LAW, the Principles are recorded and made available to those ready to hear them.

And so it was that I began telling those around me of my encounters, each time explaining more of what was happening. I began the work that led me to writing the book, SUMMUM: Sealed Except to the Open Mind. To this date I have found some of the Principles recorded in books brought to me by students who have found fragments of them here and there. But I have yet to find a single record of the Grand Principle of Creation except that which is found in SUMMUM: Sealed Except to the Open Mind. This Grand Principle is the answer to the ultimate questions, "WHY?" and "HOW?" Creation Exists.

As stated, I cannot imagine a gift greater than the gift the Summa Individuals gave me. My understanding of the Principles has allowed me to help my students find the answers to life. The application of the Principles has changed my life and allowed me to become a well-known person. The gift of these Principles has brought me love, a complete love I never knew existed. It is a tenderness as soft as a warm gentle breeze; a closeness so close, the world melts away as I melt within love's union. The love is so complete that in its warm gentle wetness, creation's womb holds us as if we were its chosen divine birth. The gift is peace of mind, an understanding of Creation Itself. The gift is to be held firmly within the mind of Creation with nothing to ever fear. It is a strength of mind drawn from the force which causes all existence to be -- happiness.

Here is the message the Summa Individuals have for you. The precious gift they gave to me, I give to you. For you, the open minded, have evolved far enough to understand the very Principles of Creation. You too can have the wealth of the wealthy, the fame of the famous. Accept the peace of mind, the understanding of Creation, and the strength from the force which brings all Creation into existence. Held firmly and secure in the knowledge and wisdom that there is nothing which may harm you, you are held against the bosom of Creation Itself.

The love beyond your greatest imagination awaits you!

Amen Ra