"Where your attention is, is where you are." — Summum

When you hear the word "meditation," what generally comes to mind?

  • Sitting crossed legged?
  • Chanting strange sounds?
  • Tibetan monks?
  • Indian gurus?

While all these things may be related to meditation, meditation is really about one thing: becoming more intimate and acquainted with your own mind and being. Its purpose has blossomed into numerous forms practiced by many cultures throughout the centuries. Meditation can be perfectly natural. Its premise is based on this simple observation: "Where your attention is, is where you are."

A Simple Meditation

Are you new to meditation? Try this simple form to get you started on the road to better understanding yourself.

Nectar of the Gods

The ancients spoke of the "Soma" juices and the hieroglyphs of Egypt tell of the ales and "Nectar of the Gods" used by those on a path to greater understanding.