When I was a Tree...

by Summum Bonum Amen Ra

I remember when I was a tree,

I knew that GOD was a tree like me. I remember my birth from a seed held safe, warm and moist within the womb GOD had created for me the tree. GOD created a womb so perfect, I the seed was surrounded by all the minerals, nutrients and earth just made for trees.

Yes, GOD even created the womb earth, a planet in the center of a universe just for trees like me. From this planet, this earth, I the tree could look up and see GOD's other great creation, the Sun. So magnificent so beautiful, so unbelievable that GOD created the Sun just for me the tree.

Redwood Tree

The Sun GOD created for trees shown light from heaven upon me. This was special light that GOD had created in the Sun. The light had perfect rays and spectrums necessary for trees like me. For if GOD had made the Sun differently I the tree would not be so perfectly nourished by the Sun of GOD.

I know GOD is a tree because GOD created the water in the oceans and causes the Sun he created to lift the water from the oceans. Then, God brings the waters he created thousands of miles across the earth to fall as little drops upon me the tree. These little drops that GOD created wash and clean my leaves. They also bring nitrogen to soak into the earth nourishing me the tree. Without these drops of water GOD created to fall from the sky, I the tree could not be.

I know GOD is a tree because GOD causes the winds and the air. The wind GOD created carries the clouds just above me so that GOD can cause the drops of water to fall on me. GOD has created the earth and soil so perfectly for me that it holds my roots and divinely gives me all that I need to be a tree like GOD.

"water drop" © og-vision - Fotolia.com

I know for sure that GOD is a tree for I feel GOD deep in my soul as GOD watches over me. I know for sure that GOD is a tree for every bird of the sky and every animal of the ground come to be with me. I know for sure that GOD is a tree because even the humankind rest in my shade and worship me, GOD the tree.