The Summum Nectar Publications


"Nectar of the Gods"

Long ago, people discovered that certain oils, plants, and essences were natural conveyors of spiritual energy. The ancients spoke of the "Soma" juices and the hieroglyphs of Egypt tell of the ales and "Nectar of the Gods" used by those on a path to greater understanding. These unique liquids served as powerful tools for personal development.

The sacramental nectars of Summum are just such natural condensers of charged elemental energies. Based upon an ancient pre-Egyptian formula, these soma nectars are produced in a large pyramid in Salt Lake City, Utah. Within the pyramid, they are left in a creative state for seventy-seven days, then aged from one to fifteen years. The nectars are called "publications" because they contain spiritual concepts and information.

The Nectar Publications

The "Womb" of Creation

In order to imbue the nectars with the concepts of nature that they carry, they must be created in the proper environment. The pyramid acts as a "womb" out of which the nectars are born. This is due in part to the incorporation of Phi in its design. Phi, also known as the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion, reflects the mathematical design upon which our universe is created. The environmental space generated within the pyramid by the effects of Phi, the pyramid's form, and other components, allows the energies or vibrations placed within the nectars to be preserved, suspended in time, and remain otherwise unchanged.

The Nectar Publications

Use of the Nectars in Meditation

Although the nectars can be used with any form of meditation, they are specifically designed for use as a sacrament with the Summum transcending techniques. Currently, the nectars are only available to those that have learned the beginning Summum meditation.

Just prior to meditation, one drinks a small amount of nectar, about one to two ounces. The alcohol in the nectar acts as a vehicle for transporting the concepts that are stored as a form of energy or resonation within the liquid. Once the alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream, the blood carries it across the blood-brain barrier. There within the brain, the resonations are released exposing you to the concepts that are held within. The effects of the energies are first experienced at a sub-conscious level, then ultimately surface to the conscious. Over time and through continued use, the nectars bring about a change in your perception.

Nectar crystal
Crystals will form inside the nectar when it is stored inside the pyramid. This crystal is approximately 3/8" long and came out of a bottle of the Nectar Publication of Devotion.

To date, Summum has created nine of an expected twenty-seven different nectars. They are the Nectar Publications of:

Meditation Nectar Label

The Nectar Publication of Meditation

The Nectar Publication of Meditation takes you out of space and time. This nectar helps you turn your attention towards your spirit within. Its message:

"The past and future are illusions for it is only the present that exists."

Cause Nectar Label

The Nectar Publication of Cause and Effect

The Nectar Publication of Cause and Effect brings you to an understanding of the laws of cause and effect. An awareness of your destiny is brought to your consciousness.

Neutralization Nectar Label

The Nectar Publication of Neutralization

The Nectar Publication of Neutralization helps you neutralize the great swings of behavior and erratic thought which plague the conditions common to humankind.

Transformation Nectar Label

The Nectar Publication of Transformation

The Nectar Publication of Transformation helps you eliminate undesirable personality traits within you. This nectar assists in purifying the ego.

Song of Creation Nectar Label

The Nectar Publication of Song of Creation

The Nectar Publication Song of Creation will assist your continued growth. This nectar will afford you glimpses of the beginnings of Creation as it slowly brings you back to a recollection of the cause and reason for all that IS.

Sexual Ecstasy Nectar Label

The Nectar Publication of Sexual Ecstasy

The Nectar Publication of Sexual Ecstasy allows you to hear the sound of creation while in Sexual Ecstasy. This nectar is used with the meditation of Sexual Ecstasy to enhance your attention and strengthen your will to focus your attention on God within you.

Devotion Nectar Label

The Nectar Publication of Devotion

The Nectar Publication of Devotion helps you become devoted to spirituality in a manner that takes your attention away from your personal ego and directs it towards your divine ego. This devotion will bring you to a consciousness of a spirituality that is greater than yourself.

Each nectar is different and carries its own message. The information is not received on the level of the senses since it is not experienced on that level. It is transmitted to the brain on a molecular level. Those with great sensitivity to deeper values of life may become aware of it immediately, while others whose awareness dwells mostly on the more superficial values of life may feel they are not learning much right away. Nevertheless, the transfer of information still takes place. How soon it is felt in the awareness varies from person to person.

The creation of the Nectar Publications is a wonder of transubstantiation. It is an application of psychokinetic technology and is an art of the highest mastery. If you are fortunate enough to use the nectars, your mind is literally immersed in living knowledge. For the vibrations that are released within you will plant the seeds of the understanding of nature and Creation.

The Summum Nectar Publications express their unique character in subtle whispers of antiquity. Our blending and fermentation process combined with surrounding meditations is a ritual that was born in days of old and extends into modern times. Within the exacting structure of our pyramid sanctuary is created a nectar of distinction and understated character. As mysteries about, we invite you to share in another.