The Mummiform

The Symbol of Ra

The Sarcophagus... mirrors the essence of ancient Egypt. Displayed on the front piece are images of Phoenix Birds, Ra, the scarab, and Maat. Grasped firmly in the hands are the Ankh and Tetube. Within these symbols lie the concepts of transformation and eternal life, ideas held in high regard since the beginning of recorded history. Hand laid 23K gold decorates the headdress, while classic colors of cobalt, cornelian, and turquoise adorn the collar, presenting an impressive and majestic figure. Over two thousand feathers adorn the back side, each individually sculpted. Dressed in a rich patina, this gold, bronze sarcophagus stands 1.89 meters tall and varies from 42 to 58 centimeters in diameter.

The Egyptian

Time Capsule

At Summum we design metal sarcophagi which can be considered art form caskets for use by our thanatogeneticists in mummification.

Commissioned artists create clay sculptures from which molds are made and metals are cast. Designed on the Golden Mean, a numerical ratio found within the mathematical balance and beauty of nature, each sarcophagus is fashioned in the most discriminating manner. The sarcophagus forms vary and are suitable for different shapes and sizes.

Made of semi-precious and precious metals ranging from bronze to gold, the Mummiform sarcophagus has the option of inlaid precious gems or jeweled crests. On appropriate designs, a "life mask" is taken of your face and incorporated into the design if you so desire.

"The Mummiform" may be designed to represent any philosophy or religion. It be sculpted with Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, or, of course, Egyptian imagery. It can also be fashioned out of stainless steal and inscribed with writings and imagery of your choosing. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and personal requirements.

Transformed into an indelible effigy tenured inviolate, the Mummiform presents a monument awaiting the impressions of a lifetime to be inscribed upon it. Your imagination is both architect and artisan, distinctly tempered by the sum total of all you were and perhaps hope to be.

A Chrysalis of Time, Your Time, For All Time.