The Dilemma Facing Science


What we currently perceive

to be the laws of nature allows us to follow the evolution of the universe back to its beginning, a moment some 10 to 20 billion years ago when the universe was infinitely hot and dense. However, our understanding of this moment is incomplete, for we question the applicability of these laws at extreme temperature and density. Since we cannot describe that initial condition, we cannot be certain such a moment even existed. At present, science can only describe the initial conditions of the universe at a time one trillionth of a second following the moment of infinite temperature, a point when the universe first began to expand. The observations we make have yet to allow us a look past the moment at which the expansion began.


"All physical theories... ought to lend themselves to so simple a description that even a child could understand them."

— Albert Einstein

Science attempts to explain anything we observe in terms of scientific principles that are in turn explained by deeper principles. Following this chain of explanations, we are led to laws of nature that cannot be explained within the boundaries of contemporary science. If science is to fully explain that which it seeks to explain, then the boundaries of science must change. If it does not, science, even at its best, will always remain incomplete.

Although current science does not understand the cause behind the creation of the universe, one thing is for certain. Whatever that cause is, its ESSENCE must underlie all phenomena of the universe. This statement needs no argument. It is self-evident. Since that is the case, then it is up to us to take the steps necessary in becoming conscious enough to observe that essence.

The Deepest Principle needs no explanation.

It is its own Explanation.

What gives rise to...

  • the Grand Unification theory that unites the electromagnetic with the weak nuclear force?
  • Quantum Mechanics and the applications of the quantum field theories?
  • the Standard Model?
  • Gravity?

+ The Law of Attraction -

But what underlies
the Law of Attraction?

The Laws of Nature as science understands them today, take us back to the beginning when the universe was...


hOT and dENSE

10 to 20 billion years ago.

Science states that the initial condition of the universe at its beginning was a nominal moment of infinite temperature, the moment at which the Big Bang occurred. However, science can only describe the initial conditions of the universe at a time 10 -12 second following that moment. This is when the universe began to expand, and no objective observation we have made allows us to look beyond the point of expansion. Is there a method by which we can observe this finite moment of infinite heat and density? The answer is yes, for the key in making this observation is not in objective observation, but in subjective observation.

"As a child, he would lay in bed at night, stare up into the darkness, and wonder what it would be like if there were nothing."

This is how science must evolve itself if it is to address this mystery of mysteries. The universe we live in is both subjective and objective, and subjective observation is just as valid as objective observation simply by virtue of its existence. The essence that underlies subjective observation is the same as that which underlies objective observation. It derives its existence from the same source as objective observation.

The attitude of contemporary science towards subjective observation is a self-imposed limitation (albeit unconsciously) that must change if science is to fully understand the issues of life, evolution, and being. The reluctance of science to utilize subjective observation is understandable, however, since subjective observation is easily distorted by judgements, opinions, and bias. Nevertheless, subjective observation, unobscured by sentiment, predilection, or partiality, can provide answers which objective observation can't even hope to provide. If science is to uncover the solutions it seeks, it must reconcile itself with subjective observation. Otherwise, it is hopelessly doomed to a mundane fate of half the story.

A Subjective Examination...

Measurement is Observation which can be Objective or Subjective.

Prior to 10 -12 second is the nominal moment of Infinite Temperature generated by Infinite Vibration.

[NOTHING---* Big Bang]
Science states that on the other side of the finite second and infinite temperature is Nothing.
Science states that on this side (our side, the manifest side) of the finitesecond and infinite temperature are All Probabilities.
The Summum Philosophy states, "NOTHING and POSSIBILITY come in and out of bond infinite times within a finite moment," producing the event of creation.

The breaking and bonding of NOTHING and POSSIBILITY infinite times within the finite moment produces infinite vibration. This intense vibration manifests as infinite heat -- hence, the nominal moment of infinite temperature. The result is the Big Bang and the creation of a universe.

Subjective measurements Subjective observations

The idea that the universe came out of nothing is now a common notion amoung scientists.

The Divine Proportion

The Summum Philosophy goes on to say,

"NOTHING and POSSIBILITY come in and out of bond infinite times in a finite moment. Yet it is impossible for two things to join in harmony or discord without the presence of a third, for a 'BOND' must exist to unite them, and this 'BOND' is 'OBJECTIVELY OBSERVED' in its relation to PROPORTION."


proportion, n. a part, share, portion especially in its relation to the whole; relation between things. Syn. correlation, correspondence, relationship, balance, harmony, symmetry

The Influence of Proportion

In the field of science, the newest and most promising solution to mysteries of cosmology and the creation of the universe is the:

String Theory

Which explains that one-dimensional objects called strings exist in various modes of vibration.


These differing modes of vibration explain gravitation and a menu of fields similar to that of the Standard Model.


~ String Proportions ~

Each string (mode of vibration) is a proportional effect of the bond between NOTHING and POSSIBILITY.

At the beginning, the particles that constitute matter were created. For reasons unknown to science, there was an imbalance between particles and anti-particles.


An excess of electrons over positrons, protons over anti-protons, quarks over anti-quarks, ultimately led to the formation of material out of which life would arise. Had they been created equally, they would have annihilated each other and we are back to...

Matter + Anti-Matter = N o t h i n g

The Summum Bonum states there is more possibility than there is nothing.

Observation, whether it is objective or subjective, direct or indirect, is a process of Attention.

According to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics:

When we measure (Observation or Attention) any quantity, we are intervening in a way that causes a change.

In other words...

When one state of being observes another, an automatic inter-relationship is created between the two.

Where your attention is, is where you are, for you are your attention.

To summarize, Nothing and Possibility...

  1. automatically create each other.
  2. are in automatic bond with each other.
  3. are in automatic observation of each other.
  4. have a relationship that is objectively observed in its relation to proportion.

This is the Deepest Principle. It is the essence that underlies the Law of Attraction. This is the source of observation. It is understood through subjective observation. It transcends objective observation.

The Search for a Unified View...

As much as science yearns for a unified view of nature, it keeps encountering a stubborn duality in the role of intelligent life -- as both subject and student -- as part of the universe we seek to explain, and as the explainer -- as the observer, and that which we observe. Even at the deepest levels of modern physics, duality presents itself. Science must realize duality is the unified view of nature. After reading this, you should have an idea why.

...and the Duality of Nature.