The Summum Transcending Meditations



is a means to ascend the consciousness. The forms vary, but every method is correct and designed to benefit those who use that method. At Summum we introduce a specific series of meditations designed to help you evolve as quickly as your consciousness will allow. The Summum Meditations or transcending techniques are based on a simple yet profound saying, "Where your attention is, is where you are."


Developing control over your own attention is the single most important thing you can ever do in your life, and the Summum Meditations help you do that. They teach you to redirect your attention towards that aspect of your being which holds the greatest meaning: your spirit. As you awaken to your spirit, Creation unfolds itself to you, for your spirit is a perfect, divine expression of nature and its principles.

Most of you reading this simply talk about having a spirit or believe you may have one. This is because in actuality, you have no knowledge of your spirit, although many of you may not be willing to admit this. The reason for this is you are too involved in the drama of your physical life and the interests of your personality. Your consciousness is bound up in your bodily nature and appetites making you asleep to the divine ego within you. The process of awakening to your spirit may be compared to waking from a dream in your sleep. The concept is the same. It's just applied to a different level.


The technique of meditation is immersion; the concentrating of your attention at a single point, using your Will to fix your attention at that point. During meditation your attention is immersed, vibrating at a single point. Using your Will, you prevent your attention from being attracted to the infinite other points or distractions on the scale of consciousness. The paragon point to immerse in is that point of pure, alert, clear, total, undisturbed, and OPEN consciousness — the point behind "all action and manifested creation" — above your vivid dream of physical body life.

You are constantly engaged in a form of meditation. You allow your attention to be drawn from one point to another on the scale of consciousness. Most of you have little Will to hold your attention at a single point for any significant period or duration. The result is felt in the general chaos and schizophrenic condition of the mass mind. However, through exercise of the Will by means of meditation, by holding your attention at a single point, your Will builds strength. A stronger Will develops, which in turn enlarges its circumference and allows you to hold your attention longer and exercise more.

There are no incorrect forms of meditation. Meditation is meditation and you become what you meditate upon. In other words, "where your attention is, is where you are." Automatically, evolution supplies numerous forms of meditation to fulfill the needs of the myriad stages of progression. All these forms of meditation utilize the kinetic energy created by an event to energize the Will with potential energy.

The ideal, complete meditation involves several components that when assembled and practiced, will place you at the door of your spirit's residence. The Summum Transcending Meditations are an integration of these components and will allow you to achieve this result. You are given directions on how to turn your attention inward upon itself and immerse in the point of pure, alert, clear, total, undisturbed, and OPEN consciousness — the point of SUMMUM, the point of GOD. There your attention vibrates and harmonizes with this consciousness.


is a key component. To state it simply and plainly, without devotion, you cannot succeed. You must find something more valuable than your self or your ego. You must become a disciple and apprentice of a Master. This discipleship must be permanent and last a total life time. To be able to immerse IN the presence of SUMMUM, as a disciple, you must leave yourself behind. Self or ego will not immerse in SUMMUM, for the ego is a fixation of memories from the points of "all action and manifested creation" — your prison of bodily nature.

A great Master teacher once said, "When you lose yourself, you find yourself." It is a paradox. The goal of finding your spirit seems very elusive when you do not know what you will find. Although, those disciples in search of the answer to what Creation is will automatically be guided to this vehicle of meditation. A complete, ideal meditation must include TOTAL devotion, trust, surrender, and Love for a Master more spiritually evolved than your self which you are going to lose.

And what is a Master? A Master is a presently living BEING, an open door to GOD — one who has allowed the humankindness within to die and is reborn awakened to GOD. A Master is a being who is totally devoted to the cause of Creation. A Master is a portal for GOD. You will know a real Master when you are in the presence of one, for a real Master can take all thought from your mind and breathe the breath of life into you, filling your soul with GOD. Jesus, Osho, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, and thousands of others were all at one time living Masters, portals for GOD. They are now in union with GOD and no longer do they speak as Jesus, Osho, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, or as a Master. They have become GOD.

The components of the Summum Transcending Meditations also include physical exercise, for the Meditations seek to effect a balance between mind and body. The mental exercise of directing and maintaining your attention at a fixed point must be balanced with exhaustive, physical, aerobic exercise. This will bring you to a point of equilibrium producing the complete person. Coupled with the Nectar Publications, the Summum Meditations are the most powerful meditations available on the planet today.

We invite you to discover the beauty of these meditations. We suggest to you that the Summum Transcending Meditations will open your awareness and awaken you to your spirit. As mentioned before, we encourage you to submit yourself to the systematic law of learning and test the validity of this for yourself.

Interested in learning the beginning Summum Meditation? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
  1. Read the Summum philosophy book.
  2. Complete the study guide.
  3. Come to Summum and receive personal instruction in the Pyramid.

The deepest principle of creation underlies all phenomena in the universe and is found within your human condition. You are your attention and your attention emanates from this essence. Intelligence (as opposed to intellect) is a state of consciousness determined by the relationship you have with your own attention.

When you attempt to learn about anything, you do so by placing your attention on it. To truly understand creation, you must place your attention directly on it. In order to do this, you must learn to direct your attention inward upon itself, and follow it back to its source. The Adept will teach and guide you.

This is how you will develop your skills of mental control. This is how you will come to understand creation. This is how your human condition and experience will evolve.