The Systematic Law of Learning


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"Experience is the best teacher."

There is a general systematic law of learning that everyone goes through in learning anything. It involves the following:

  1. You must have a sincere desire to understand the reality of that which you seek to understand.
  2. You must suspend any beliefs or preconceptions you may have about the subject of inquiry, at least temporarily. This allows you to arrive at "the point of not knowing" where the "vault of knowledge opens up." As long as you maintain a belief that you already know it, there is nothing for you to learn.
  3. You must take activity which will allow you to experience the reality.
  4. You must experience the reality of it rather than some hope, wish, or desire of what it is or could be.

In so far as it applies to the principles of the Summum philosophy, the Systematic Law of Learning requires you to:

  • First question the principles and read the "words" about them.
  • Then take activity in the principles and experience the action or the cause and effect of the principles.
  • Consequently, you move to a knowledge of the principles rather than a belief in them, for the principles and their workings become yours through personal experience.

The methods and tools provided to you by Summum help dissolve your beliefs about reality and give you an experience of it. You learn to direct your attention to the source from which the principles emanate, for any point of observation outside of the source contains some degree of belief. As you gain proficiency in these methods, your consciousness develops a bond with the principles and the source of creation.


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