The Process

The Symbol of Ra

The following is a basic outline of Summum's Modern Mummification process. While aspects of it are similar to ancient methods, it is an updated and modern process.

Exquisite care
  • The body of the deceased is transported to a local funeral home where it is prepared for traditional viewing and funeral services. If no such services were arranged, the body is sent directly to Summum in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • If the body was sent to a funeral home, following the services, the funeral home prepares the body of the deceased and transports the deceased to the Summum in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the mummification rites begin.

Exquisite care
  • The rites of Transference begin and are officiated as the body is bathed and cleansed. An incision is made to remove the internal organs. The organs are thoroughly cleansed and placed back in the body. The incision is left open so that the organs receive further treatment.

  • The body is then immersed in a baptismal font filled with a special preservation solution made up of certain liquids, some of which are chemicals used in genetic engineering. The body remains submerged for a period of time, long enough to achieve maximum penetration as the rites of Transference continue.

  • The body is removed from the immersion/baptismal tank, cleansed again, then covered with a lotion.

  • Several layers of cotton gauze are wrapped around the body.

  • A polyurethane membrane is applied over the gauze, forming a permanent seal. Then follows a layer of fiberglass and resin.

  • The mummy is taken within a Pyramid building to continue the rites of Transference.

  • The body is encased within a metal sarcophagus (e.g. a Mummiform made of bronze or stainless steel).

  • The sarcophagus is filled with an amber resin, completely surrounding the mummy and protecting the perfection that has been created.

  • The openings in the sarcophagus are welded closed.

  • The sarcophagus is enshrined within a mummy sanctuary or interred in a local cemetery.