What Does Liberation Mean?


This question was posed to students of the Summum philosophy. Here are some answers...

Liberation means to me a freedom from my own thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, fantasies. Freedom from the endless stories I tell myself. Freedom from MY perception of "reality, and the way things should be." Liberation is full, and total surrender to Creation. Anything less would just be another prison.

In my life their have been many fears about things that held me in mental bondage. A few of them have been transcended but it is a work in progress. I am currently working on two topics of mental freedom. For me it is like training a child to do something it does not want to do. It requires a constant watch and a mental energy that is sometimes not there or on duty. It is like being a watch guard to a part of me.

I have discovered it is a full time job and sometimes I am a sleep at the wheel. Meditation has been the caffeine that keeps me alert but I have to keep on catching myself from failing back and that causes me to tire and then I am not in control.

Lightness. Unaffected by events, identify with what you are, not what is expected of you by others or the society in which you happen to live. Not driven by desire or animal passion. Freedom. Emancipation from the misconception that you are separate from Creation.

When there is no separation, everything gets turned inside out. It seems radical, but it is not, it is natural. It is the society that is radical. The society as of this writing is predominantly male. There are very few females on the planet. There are humans with female bodies, but most of them are male in nature. Most people, men and women genders, are in some kind of argument. They are sperm cells fighting for position.

There are very few "eggs", very few females. True females are like eggs, they wait. They surrender. They surrender to creation. Liberation is becoming female, having one's female nature awakened by another female. In this awakening and surrender there is no arguement, no issue, no grievance. One is a servant on the path of creation. There is nothing to acquire, because when you have Creation you already have everything.

There is a lot of talk about liberation being freedom from a physical prison, job, marriage, slavery. I believe liberation seems to be freedom from the illusion that everything is separate, that things happen to you, and that you are in turn the condition you believe (think) yourself to be, rather than being.

I really like the what is says in the SEOM book about Rhythm and the Law of Neutralization... kind of like Psychokinesis is a key to liberation:

The Summum students carry the Principle much further, knowing that its manifestations and influences extend to the mental activities as well. It accounts for the bewildering succession of moods, feelings, and other annoying and perplexing changes that you notice in yourselves. Students may learn to escape some of its effect through the use of Psychokinesis.

7   There are generally two levels so far as mental phenomena are concerned, two general levels of consciousness, the lower and the higher. This understanding enables one to rise to the higher level and thus escape the swing of the rhythmic pendulum which manifests on the lower. In other words, the swing of the pendulum occurs on the subconscious level and the consciousness is not affected. This is called the Law of Neutralization. Its operation consists in raising your attention from your lower ego to your higher ego, above the vibrations of the subconscious level of mental activity, so that the negative swing of the pendulum is not manifested in consciousness, thereby escaping its effects. It's like rising above a force and letting it pass beneath you. In the ocean you can jump above an incoming wave and let its effect pass underneath you. The Summum Master or advanced student immerse themselves at the desired point by a process akin to "refusing" to participate in the backward swing. They raise themselves to a fixed position and allow the mental pendulum to swing back along the subconscious level. All individuals who have attained any degree of self-mastery do this more or less unconsciously. But the masters do this consciously by the use of their Will. They attain a degree of poise and mental firmness beyond belief of the masses who are swung backward and forward on the mental pendulum of moods and feelings.

8   The importance of this will be appreciated by any thinking person who realizes what creatures of moods, feelings, and emotions the majority of people are; and how little mastery of themselves they possess. If you will stop and consider a moment, you will realize how much these swings of rhythm have affected you in your life -- how a period of high enthusiasm has been invariably followed by an opposite feeling and mood of depression. Likewise, your periods of courage have been succeeded by equal moods of fear. So it has ever been with the majority of people. Tides of feelings have ever risen and fallen with them, but they have never suspected the cause or reason of the mental phenomena. An understanding of the workings of this Principle will give you the key to the mastery of these rhythmic swings of feelings. You will come to know yourself better, and avoid being carried away by these inflows and outflows. The Will is superior to the conscious manifestation of this Principle, although the Principle itself can never be destroyed. You may escape its effects on one level, but the Principle operates, nevertheless. The pendulum ever swings, although you may escape being carried along with it.

When I first got this email I was like "this going to be easy"... Well the more I think about it the harder it becomes to describe. I feel for me liberation comes in different degrees. When I am liberated from one thing I am bound by something new. I don't really think that it is new but I am now aware of it.

For me liberation is the awareness of my self. The liberation of knowing that I am not bound by the same hang ups that people that are unaware of themselves have. I feel freed from some of the hang-ups that people have like, questing for gold bricks, lying to myself to make it all better and blaming others for my state in existence. Liberation from other people being able to put there shit on me at their will. I find it liberating that I can be myself regardless of how some people may feel about it.

I would say that liberation has to do with discovering that we actually hold on to a huge pile of correct ideas about who we are (good, bad, boy, girl, right, wrong), how important we are, what we do, what we are, etc, etc, etc. It seems we basically create an entire world based on a small sliver of reality and a large pile of fantasy and say "This is me."

This 'me' we recognize is taken as reality. Liberation, to me, is recognizing the fantasies we hold on to that make us separate from creation and choosing to drop them. By dropping the ideas and fantasies we hold on to we can participate in the substantial reality of existance rather than the flippant fantasy world of our mind and ideas.

Liberation is vibrating at a higher state of perception.

Liberation is not being confined to an individualized unit.

Liberation is proportional growth.

Liberation is being able to say 'Yes' rather than 'No'. (Osho talked about Yes and No, saying that we all say No to everything, to life. We fight and argue against life, we say No. When you can say Yes, there is not fight or argument. You have decided to trust completely, so you say Yes. No is no longer part of the vocabulary.)

Liberation is a feeling or state, not an idea or concept.

Freed from attachment.

To Liberate is to deliberately (on purpose) eliminate serving the needs of the ego, which demands constant attention and yet brilliantly consumes all of our time to provide us with nothing. We became slaves to the human brain's learned/inherent mind as it could not help but shield itself from the harsh nature of human-earth-kind's vocabulary. It means to be finally set free of the demands of being a person.

Liberation means freedom, and that freedom comes from practicing a certain type of meditation. I can't think of any activity more important to me than this meditation. That is why I do it in the morning, in the evening, at lunch. I would probably go nuts if I didn't do my meditation. My meditation is my lifeline. It is what brings me joy. It is the reason for a feeling and experience of life I have that I've never had before.

A great "Master" teacher once said, "When you lose yourself you find yourself." This is the paradox of the whole matter. The goal of finding your spirit seems very elusive when you do not know what you will find. Although, those disciples in search of the answer to what Creation is will automatically be guided to this vehicle of meditation. A complete, ideal meditation must include TOTAL devotion, trust, surrender, and Love for a Master more spiritually evolved than your self that you are going to lose. This total devotion, this total surrender, this oneness, and this Love must be a complete union with a presently living Master. For nothing rises higher than its source. Therefore, to continue your progression, you must join with a higher source.

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