Re: Devotion....Lisa


A student of the Summum philosophy was asked why she would want to become a devotee. Here is her response.


Why would you want to BE a DEVOTEE?



The reason that I would like to be a Devotee, is difficult for most people to understand. There is something that has to happen, a trasitionary point if you will, from one state to another. In the state, or the level of consciousness I am currently in now, it is not satisfactory to my soul. I desire to progress. I desire to know more, experience more, understand more, love more. I desire to evolve further. In order to evolve in this way, there must be an outside Source to assist in this action. Otherwise there can be no movement. My consciousness must be acted upon by a Higher consciouness with whom I desire to BE with. That is where I feel the DEVOTION comes in. In order for an evolution to take place, I have to be receptive and desire it above everything else. So much so, that I end up DEVOTING all that I am, ever have been, or ever hope to become, TO this Higher order to unify myself with the Greatest Consciousness. Just in the simple act of totally losing yourself to a higher Cause, or a greater Law, is a great key that opens the doors of evolution.

There is no way that I could ever portray to you, or anyone on this board why I want to be a Devotee. It is in my heart, and it is written on the tablets of my soul. It is part of MY spiritual progress, and I esteem it as such. I've often thought that I could just go to the Source within myself, because I truly believe that Source is within everyone of us. However, when I've tried to do this in the past, there were many complications and brick walls I ran into. My ego gets in the way. All egos get in the way. I've learned there is even such a thing as a 'Spiritual Ego', which I think is the most destructive of all egos. It doesn't allow growth. It claims to have all understanding. It is closed and limited, and bounded. I've created such a thing in the past at least twice in my life, and it was something painful to realize and look in the face.

I wish there was a way to express to people what it is like to actually be in the presence of a real living Master. I wish people's hearts were open enough to receive it. It is my hope that one day everyone will have the experience to sit at the feet of a Master, and have your heart touched by the Finger of God. There is nothing like it.

I know, (through experience not belief), that I have sat at the feet of a living Master, the same soul, or consciousness that most people know as Christ, or Buddha, or Krishna, or Mahavira, or whatever one wishes to call that which I call God. I have communed with the God of Creation, and have temporarily been One with All that Is. There are no words to write or speak about it that would allow you to understand. I guarantee when you find yourself at the feet of a Master, and when you allow yourself to really open up to the Principles of Creation, and when you no longer feel at home anywhere but Within with the Master, THEN you will desire to become a Devotee. Then you will understand and really hear the words I am sending forth. Then you will recognize the error in a belief that ignores the eternal benefits of an Outside Source. What is within is without. Becoming a devotee to a living Master, allows one to become a devotee to Oneself. Because there is only One. Allow all the 'personalities' and the 'egos' to die, and there in the masses of dark, and filthy masks....will be emanating a Light that goes beyond and above all understanding. It is the Source. There is a way to feel it. There is a way to BECOME it. And it is starts at the feet of a living Master.

- Cami