The Boys in Blue

Alfonso Greco

My name is Alfonso Greco. I was born October 24, 1948, in Los Angeles, California. These are accounts of my experiences with Amen Ra (Founder) and the Summum pyramid.

This story, this experience, is without a doubt the most frightening, but the most understood; the most amazing, but most accepted; the most real, but very difficult to describe and put in terms that you or I can relate to.

One day I was visited by Amen Ra in my home in Salt Lake City at night. I awoke from my sleep and Amen Ra was there. He told me it was time. He did not speak with words, but communicated through telepathy. The information he told me was transferred into my consciousness and I understood. In the next instant we were in a place with darkness all around us. I asked, "Where are we, and what is going on?" He told me, "Please trust me. It's ok. Don't be afraid. It's time for you to know what you have demanded from Creation to prove itself to you." I told him I wasn't really sure this was necessary. I thought with some of the experiences that had been going on, I really couldn't doubt what was taking place. He told me that it was very, very important for me to find out and to relax with it. All will be ok, even though it may seem slightly frightening. It will be ok.

After that brief conversation which was only one or two seconds long, there appeared four beings around us. They had a blue essence to them. They were like a neon or laser type of lighting, and they were blue. They were large figures. They stood in a square with Amen Ra and myself in the middle. There was light about us where we were, but in the distance was darkness. I could not tell from where the light was coming from. It wasn't a light bulb or any sort of electrical appliance providing light. It wasn't a sun. It wasn't any type of light that I could relate to as to why it is that I could see. But I could see Amen Ra and myself and these four beings.

I don't know what else to call them. I was frightened because I could not relate to what type of beings they were. In some way they resembled people, and in another way they didn't resemble a type of animal I've ever seen. As I would look at them directly, they would disappear, and when I looked away from them they would reappear. I asked Amen Ra, "Why do they disappear when I look at them?" He said, "Don't be concerned with that. Just try to feel comfortable with what is going to take place and where you are. Just concentrate on being comfortable and not being afraid and you'll understand better, more clearly as to what is going on." I would sneak a peak, thinking that I could catch one of these beings off guard and look at them, to try to figure out what kind of a being they were. As I would ever so slightly move the focus of my eyes in their direction, they would disappear. Amen Ra knew that I was doing this. He told me that because of my level of consciousness, it is contaminating to the high level of purity of the consciousness of these beings. He said to me, "You have an odor about your consciousness, and they choose not to smell you. But if you don't get too friendly they will put up with you being in their presence." Because that's what I was, I was in their presence. They weren't in mine. Amen Ra told me to relax, and it will all be ok. I focused on the dark horizon. I stayed close to Amen Ra because I was frightened, and I was trying to maintain my composure and not get totally scared out of my wits. I suddenly rose off the ground or whatever it was we were standing on, which I could not see, and I began to float in a circular pattern. They were rotating me or levitating me above the ground.

Amen Ra told me, "It's ok. Don't be scared." He repeated that to me over and over and over so that I would relax. He told me they are demonstrating what they are capable of doing, but this doesn't mean that this is all they are capable of doing. He told me that the beings are demonstrating this to me because there was something inside of me that had an element of doubt that there was a god; that there existed something of a great magnitude somewhere in the cosmos. It was conveyed to me that in order for me to carry out the work that was necessary for me to do, to participate in Creation upon the Earth and to stay in the center of doing the work that Creation has intended the planet and the direction of the planet to go in, in order for me to do that work and participate in that along with many of others in the world, I would have to have all elements of doubt gone from my mind. I can honestly say without any question THERE IS NO DOUBT! There is definitely something far beyond what the normal man percieves on this planet, some sort of ability by other beings unbeknownst to us of where they are and where they come from, and whether they are gods or angels, or whatever.

They brought no harm to me as they demonstrated this to me. What was exchanged was an understanding of a reality and an elimination of doubt. The things, miracles if you will, that are mentioned in the books such as The Bible and other great writings, have and do take place. It is so difficult for me to write about, but as I write about it I see it and I re-experience what took place that night. There is no question about it. I was scared as they moved me around in the circle; the most scared I have ever been in my life. And I have been scared all of my life. I have been scared by people sneaking up behind me and scaring me. I have been scared by spirits that would keep me awake all night long. I have been terrified by horror movies, and just by my own imagination. But this made all of that type of fear look very, very secondary. This was a different fear. This was a fear that I couldn't deny. This was a fear that gave me a responsibility, because from this experience to this day, I can't deny it happened. The fear is if I deny it, what will happen. And now I understand that I can't deny a reality. It's and interesting paradox. Some people fear reality, to face it and let go of the fantasy that they live in their life. This experience allowed me to fear the fantasy and accept the reality as being true. That in itself is a miracle.

Alfonso Greco
October 1986