Donna Marie Gray

My name is Donna Marie Gray. I was born on December 19, 1942, in Safford, Arizona. These are some of my many experiences with Amen Ra (Founder) and the Summum pyramid.

Many phenomenal things happen during class in the pyramid with Amen Ra, and as a result, after class. We start seeing our lives the way they really are rather than the way we hope, wish or want them to be. During one class there were several of us that experienced our "JUDGEMENT". We literally saw our own personal lives pass in front of us. I also experienced that all of my life, up to that point had been totally selfish. This wasn't an intellectual understanding, it was an experience, that was quite a rude awakening.

One time during a weekend of classes in the pyramid, Amen Ra had Linda Wixom open the door of the pyramid and look outside (There are no windows in the pyramid). He said, "What do you see?" There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining brightly, and it was a beautiful, clear day. This was in the morning. Linda came back in and closed the door. About 5 minutes later, Amen Ra asked Linda to open the door and look outside, again. Some clouds started gathering and it was getting pretty dark. She came back in and closed the door again. Amen Ra said, "It is going to rain now. We are going to open the door, go out and get soaked in it." We opened the pyramid door and ran out into rain! It was wonderful! It was cleansing! It was very clean! It felt like it cleaned you from the inside out. He did this several times that day. Since that time not only have I seen him make rain, but I've seen hail storms, lightening storms, and snow.

There was a time Amen Ra would specifically bring out and speak to our souls. As he spoke to a person's soul, he would invite others to join in with their experience. He was speaking to the soul of a person by the name of Steve Scott when I asked to join in. The next thing I knew I went into this state of total laughter. It was beautiful and peaceful and it was just laughter, and that's all that existed in this state.

Amen Ra also invited us to enter into a crystal that he was using. Several of us experienced being inside of a quartz crystal that was about the size of a grown man's fist. Then we went back to our bodies. It's like astral traveling with having a place to go to.

Amen Ra, Rachael Lunt, Ron Zefferer, and I were sitting facing each other during a class. Rachael started talking about her personality. She was explaining and describing this particular way that she behaved. All of a sudden Ron and I simultaneously burst out laughing because she was exactly describing a basic personality behavioral pattern we had also.

At another time in the pyramid, Amen Ra caused myself and a guy by the name of Ron Zefferer to "exchange" bodies. I don't know how he did it but all of a sudden I'm sitting there and I had this strange sensation in my crotch. It felt like I had a penis. It was a very real sensation, I could feel it there. I still get that feeling of having a penis. Ron got the opportunity of feeling what it was like to have ovaries. In fact, for months later he felt pain from having the ovaries, just like a woman may feel just before her period.

On my fortieth birthday, Amen Ra put me in a chair that was a few feet away, and facing him. He started talking to me about how I feel when I love someone, and it became very clear to me that I was unable to feel love without immediately feeling pain. He talked to me for a few more minutes and then all of a sudden this energy left my body. He said "Boy, we're you ready to let go of that one". There is now a whole different feeling inside of me when I feel love.

There were times when Amen Ra would look at us and we would feel this flood of love fill our bodies. The energy would come from his eyes, enter our eyes, and fill us to over-flowing. There were many times in class in the pyramid where we would all be in such a state of love that there was absolutely no judgment, just a pure love for everybody in the room; pure acceptance and a pure feeling; no judgment at all. Sometimes I would go places afterwards (like the store or shopping center) and I would look around at the people and I would fall in love with them too.

On the altar inside of the pyramid are candles. One time I saw Amen Ra reach out his finger and light a candle from his fingertip. Another time one of the candles on the altar went out. Somebody mentioned the candle went out so everybody in the class saw it was out. Amen Ra looked over at it and all of a sudden the candle came back on. He shook his head and said, "Oh oh, I shouldn't have done that. I'm not supposed to do that."

When Amen Ra explains things to us, sometimes he'll send thought concepts to us like a thought transfer, and these "movies" will start playing through our minds. Sometimes I don't always see the movie right then. I'll go home and all of a sudden I'll wake up and there it is, and I'll see this movie of what he was explaining.

Once a month out of state members of Summum get together at the pyramid in Salt Lake. It's called a Big Weekend. One Big Weekend and we had taken a break from class and Mike Burdell and I happened to be in the house near the pyramid. All of a sudden we both knew we needed to go out to the bottling building (another building near the pyramid). We didn't know why. We walked outside and saw everybody standing in a circle inside the building (the door was open). We didn't know that was going on. Amen Ra told us to come on in. We joined in the circle. There were about 12 or 15 people in the circle. Steve Scott walked in with some flowers and handed them to Amen Ra. Steve couldn't stay and left. Amen Ra handed me the flowers and resumed his place at the opposite end of the circle. I felt this buzzing again like I had felt when my name had been put in the apex, only a lot more so. It was starting with the flowers and crawling up my arm. I walked over and I laid the flowers down and joined back in the circle and the next thing I knew my whole body was buzzing very, very intensely. The next thing I knew I collapsed on the floor. I don't remember much beyond that. Amen Ra said he sent me to the Summa Individuals, highly evolved, intelligent beings.

Donna Marie Gray
September 1986