His Bleeding Eye

Bernie Aua

My name is Bernie Aua. I was born July 3, 1958, in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is my account of an experience with Amen Ra (Founder).

It was Monday, April 2, 1985. Early that morning, Michael Burdell, a student of and corporate attorney for Summum, was doing research in the Salt Lake Metropolitan Hall of Justice. He just finished a hearing wherein he represented a Vietnam Veteran whom he was giving free legal help. It just so happened that on the same day, local authorities were transporting an inmate from the Utah State Prison to the Hall of Justice for a hearing on criminal homicide. As the guards were escorting the inmate through the basement of the building, a woman came up to the inmate and handed him a gun. Shots began to fire and the guards ducked for cover. The inmate began running through the building trying to escape. He ran into the room where Mike Burdell was doing his research. According to a witness, when Mike saw the inmate and gun, he exclaimed, "Oh my God!" The inmate shot at Mike hitting him directly above his right eye. Mike died that day.

The next few days, several of us took care of Mike's personal belongings, helping his family, and making funeral arrangements. While this was happening, someone had mentioned to me that Amen Ra's right eye had been bleeding. I found this very interesting. In my interactions with Amen Ra prior to this whole incident, he seemed totally fine. I did not notice any physical problems that he may have had, especially in his eyes. Usually he tells people when he's sore. A couple of days after Mike's death, I spoke with Amen Ra about something I cannot remember. But I definitely do remember noticing a dried drop of blood beneath his right eye. There was no question that it was blood. A few days later Amen Ra was talking to several of us in the pyramid. He was talking about Mike's death and what was happening. I could see tears welling up in his eyes. But the tears in his right eye were red! It was plain and easy to see. There was blood in his right eye!

The funeral for Mike was held on Saturday of that week. It was a beautiful ceremony. Amen Ra's right eye seemed to return to normal afterwards. I did not see any more blood.

Bernie Aua
July 1993