Kidney Stones No More

Chris Charles Persky

My name is Chris Charles Persky. I was born May 10, 1954, in Manhattan, New York. This is my most memorable experience with Amen Ra (Founder).

I have a condition called cystenuria, where my body does not metabolize protein well. It causes my body to retain too much protein. An amino acid called cystine is not properly excreted. My body does not eliminate it well. The cystine crystallizes in the urinary tract. Cystenuria also causes kidney stones, so I've had a history of kidney stones and I had surgery when I was a kid.

Many years ago, the condition was very bad. Tests showed abnormally high levels of cystine in the urine. Doctors told me I would have to take a drug by the name of cuprimine for the rest of my life. Cuprimine keeps kidney stones from forming. It works and it's a good drug. It's very important, but it's very toxic over the long term. There are a lot of side effects.

The doctors whose supervision I was under were endocrinologists. They were very reputable; the best. They informed me that I would most likely be on cuprimine for the rest of my life in order to control the kidney stone formation. Also, at this time I had a doctor tell me there was blood in the urine, and a kidney stone was seen on x-ray. They thought they would have to perform surgery again.

At the same time all this was happening with me, I was attending classes in the pyramid in Salt Lake City, Utah, with Amen Ra and several other people. He was aware of my physical health and knew what was happening with my body. Following one class, I had met with Amen Ra in a building adjacent to the pyramid. He put his hands on my head and said something to the effect, "Let this situation be taken care of so that Chris can do the work he needs to do". Then Amen Ra explained he was doing this for me and for Summum. I met with him several times after that. He would work over my body with crystals and create resonations with his voice. He would say words and put crystals on parts of my body.

Following this "therapy", I underwent another twenty-four hour urine test. The test revealed a dramatic decrease in the amount of cystine excreted. Because of this decrease, the doctors decided against any surgery. Within a few months, all my test results were good. All my x-rays were good, and the doctors decided any kind of surgery was unnecessary.

My cystenuria is under much better control now and I have no kidney stones. I do not take any kind of toxic drugs to control the condition.

Chris Charles Persky
August 1986