The Light from Above

James Hilbert

My name is James Hilbert. I was born December 14, 1953, in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is my account of an experience with the Summum Pyramid.

In October of 1981, Summum, the organization founded by Amen Ra (Founder), began creating the Summum Nectar Publications for public use. The Nectar Publications are sacramental wines made for use in the practice of meditation. These wines are produced inside the Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the fermentation of grape juice which is placed inside of a large stainless steel vat inside the pyramid, specific meditations are performed around the vat.

One day, I went into the pyramid to conduct a meditation. I lit some candles on the altar, then I sat down, sitting quietly for a few minutes. A split second before I intended to begin the ceremony, I glanced toward the north wall of the pyramid. A brilliant white shaft of light came through the wall and went directly into the altar. A presence seemed to fill the entire room. It felt as though a large group of people or beings were there to witness or help conduct the ceremony. I became very overwhelmed. It took about ten minutes before I managed to calm myself down and continue with the ceremony and meditation. Just as I completed the meditation, everything seemed to be normal again.

I got up and left the pyramid. This became one of the most dramatic experiences I've ever had in the pyramid.

James Hilbert
July 1986