The Killing of Michael

Ronald Ludwig Zefferer

My name is Ronald Ludwig Zefferer. I was born November 19, 1947, in Ogden, Utah. This is my account of an experience with Amen Ra (Founder).

This experience is when Michael got killed. I had my own experience with Michael. In the morning we met. He got up and came over. He always used to make the coffee in the morning. And I woke up in a real clear space. And he was in a real clear spot. And we were discussing it, how there were no thoughts going on. It was real smooth. And the whole day went really interesting. I had hardly anything to say about anything. And Michael was the same way.

We sat for a while at the bench, waiting until it was time for him to go into court. We just sat there. We didn't say anything. It was just a real quiet time. And when he went it was something I could feel real good about. I know that he knew that it was the right time for him.

Anyway, Michael got shot, and I was on the floor giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, trying to bring him back. And cussing him out all the way, saying, "Michael, don't do this." Then the paramedics came and took him away. And I was sitting there on the floor, sort of out of breath. And Amen was standing over behind the desk. And I got up and went over to him and he said, "I know Michael was laying there shot, but I thought I was shot. I felt that I got shot instead of him. It was me lying there and not him. That I was dead and Michael was alive. It was a real weird experience. I thought it was me."

So I went into the bathroom and washed up, and Amen came in and we rapped a little bit. He asked me how I was doing and I asked him how he was doing. And he said, "I don't know. The whole time this was going on I felt like I was there, right there with him in his body getting shot."

So anyway, we did the court thing. They took us up and questioned us and all that. And we went home. And we cleaned the house out, and everybody was out in the bottling building so Amen could have some space. And so Amen went into the bedroom and meditated. And nobody was in the house except me. And I was just cleaning things up, and I heard Amen cry out. So I listened, because I never disturb him while he's meditating. And he cried out again. Like he was really in pain. So I opened the door and went in, and he had the pillow over his face, And he was breathing really hard and moving back and forth. So I took the pillow away from his face and he was just covered in blood. I looked at him and I thought it was Michael. I mean, an hour before that I was giving Michael mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and he just took a bullet in his eye and blood was pouring out of his face and his mouth and everything. And I'm looking at Amen, and there was blood all over his face, the same eye and everything. Blood was all over everything.

Ronald Ludwig Zefferer
September 1986