He's In My Neck

Janet Lynn Smith Greco

My name is Janet Lynn Smith Greco. I was born May 26, 1952, in Los Angeles, California. This is my account of an experience with Amen Ra (Founder) and the Summum Pyramid.

During the fall, winter, and spring of 1985 through 1986, a group of us along with Amen Ra got together Thursday evenings inside of the pyramid in Salt Lake City, Utah. We read and discussed the Tibetan Book of the Dead. In one of those classes, we discussed out-of-body and after life experiences. We were informed by Amen Ra that as a person dies, their spirit has the ability to enter another living person's body through the neck. The spirit would only enter a living body which it found desirable.

I was puzzled and wondered how this could come about. As the thought was in my head, Amen Ra began to answer my question by actually demonstrating the process. He began to stare at me, and his face took on a look of deep concentration. I started to feel a very unusual sensation around and within my neck. It was the feeling of an almost electrical charge -- a warm, tingling, vibrating sensation which lasted a few seconds. I was dumbfounded. I was so caught by surprise I just sat there bewildered. Amen Ra then stated that his spirit had actually entered my body via my neck veins.

The experience proved to me the spirit's ability to travel and move about.

These next three experiences occurred in my home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I awoke very early one morning when the room was still quite dark. I immediately opened my eyes for apparently no reason at all. I did not hear a sound or feel anything unusual, but simply opened my eyes. On the left side of my bed was a free floating pyramid, roughly three feet in height. The pyramid was not solid in mass. It was a frame shape outlined by an electrifying blue light. It looked like the light that I have seen lasers produce -- a bright, intense, vivid blue.

After a few minutes, it disappeared into thin air, and I laid there for the longest time wondering what had just happened. I was awake and aware of all my faculties, so I do know that I was rational and the event was real.

I was asleep one evening, dreaming. I dreamt of being in a mausoleum. To say it was a dream would be an understatement. It was so lifelike, so intense.

There was a naked body lying on a marble slab. The body did not have any hair or other distinguishable articles with it. I looked at the body and I knew of the person, believing it may have been my father. Yet, I knew my father had not passed on. Immediately after noticing the body, I became aware of the room I was in, and knew I was not alone. There were others with me, although I could not see them. They did not speak, and reassured me at the same time. I noticed the walls of the room were also made of marble, and there were no windows.

After staring at the body and noticing my surroundings, I heard a very loud sound which seemed to permeate my entire body. While having the vision in my mind I said, "We can't go! Can't you see he isn't dead yet?" I then felt whisked away and my "dream" ended.

I knew I was not dreaming. It was so vivid, so real. I felt that I was actually there. I felt that I had actually had an "experience." I discussed the incident with Amen Ra and he had stated that it was true, I was not dreaming. I had actually experienced my own death, and he knew all about it.

While sleeping one evening, I awoke with a frightening sensation. I felt as if I was going to stop breathing. I began to breathe quite rapidly and I was loosing control of my body. I knew I was definitely awake, and I opened my eyes. I began to hear a very intense, high pitched sound within my ears. The sound encompassed my entire body, and my body began to vibrate. My eyes were open, I still had difficulty with my respiration, and I was unable to move. I lost control of my body. When I attempted to focus my vision, I could only see whirling lights and a black background. It was as if I was looking into the Milky Way or peering into space. It seemed like forever, even though I did not have the ability to determine time and place. When it finally ended, I was able to breathe again, and the feeling of someone taking my body away subsided. I laid in the bed for quite some time, knowing in my heart who was responsible for this incident.

Janet Lynn Smith Greco

At the time of this experience, Janet was a flight nurse for an emergency air ambulance of one of the country's premier hospitals.