Wanting Proof: Wanting a Miracle to Happen

Alfonso Greco

My name is Alfonso Greco. I was born October 24, 1948, in Los Angeles, California. These are accounts of my experiences with Amen Ra (Founder) and the Summum pyramid.

During my first visit I was attending a class. Many things were going on in the class that only now I am aware of. Amen Ra was talking and addressing people and I sat there with no idea of what he was talking about. He wasn't "heavy" in his conversation, nor was he talking about things beyond my understanding. But he was talking in a way that just made no sense to me. I became very angry and very, very disturbed. I wanted proof that something was different here in this class and inside this pyramid building. I wanted something to happen so I could say the experience of being here in this class and in this pyramid and with Amen Ra was of such a great magnitude that I couldn't deny it was real. I couldn't deny it was true. I couldn't say it was a dream, that it was impossible, that it really didn't happen. I became quite angry.

The reason why I felt this way was because there are so many things that have gone on in my life concerning religious leaders, preachers, and heads of churches. They talk about these miracles and spiritual power that The Bible refers to and makes record of. The Bible speaks of them happening and that they would happen always and that man had the capability. But I could never find anybody that had that capability. I became more angry and totally destructed to the class. I was asked to shut up for a minute.

Amen Ra, Ron Zefferer, Kent Parsons and myself participated in a little experiment. Giving instructions to Ron and Kent, Amen Ra handed them two large quartz crystals about the size of an adult fist, and had them place the crystals on the sides of my head in the temple area; one on the right and one on the left. As I was sitting in the middle of the pyramid floor, they placed the rocks (as I thought they were, kind of a white clear looking rock) against my head, and I had no idea what these crystals were and what they were supposed to do. But because Amen Ra instructed this to take place, I figured, "Oh, something really heavy is going to happen, like when a preacher or healer is supposed to lay hands on you and you're supposed to meet God in some sort of miracle type of situation". I thought I was going to float up off the floor or see things in my mind, or something really great was going to happen that I couldn't deny. At least that is what I expected.

Amen Ra didn't say any special words. He just sat there and closed his eyes while they kept the crystals against the temples of my head for about one or two minutes. Then Amen Ra instructed Ron and Kent to remove the crystals and they handed them back to Amen Ra and he placed the crystals back on this table.

NOTHING HAPPENED! Nothing took place while it was being done! Nothing took place after it was done! I said to myself, "Big deal! Another dud!" These were the thoughts going that were going through my mind. Here is supposed to be this high powered building, an instructor who calls himself Amen Ra, and as far as I knew absolutely nothing had taken place. He asked me how I felt so that I could say, "Oh, I feel really great now! Oh, this is just the best thing that ever happened to me!" At least I thought that was the plan of what was supposed to happen. But as arrogant as I was and as angry about everything in life with myself and the mental attitude and the mental space I was in, I just made a comment like, "Well, nothing happened! So what! I really didn't expect anything to happen anyway!" As far as I was concerned, nothing on this planet could prove to me it was real.

So after the class was over, my wife, Janet, and I drove back to California. We came up to Utah for this "big" event that never took place. It takes about fourteen to fifteen hours to drive back to LA, but it only seemed to me like it was only five or six hours. I was so angry all the way home! I had talked my head off so much to Janet, as we were driving (which had probably bored her to death, but in some cases she was siding with me), I was convincing her this whole thing in Salt Lake City was the biggest joke that I had ever run across in my entire life.

The next day I received a phone call from Ron Zefferer, a very close friend of mine whom I had known for several years. He was one of the fellows in Salt Lake who had placed the crystal on the side of my head. I really wasn't sure where he was coming from when he first called me. He knew I was quite angry, and I thought maybe as a friend he was trying to clear some things up or see how I was doing so that he could offer some answers to any questions I had. I knew his intentions were good because he was a member of Summum, the organization that Amen Ra started, and he was just trying to introduce me to it. I had told him over the telephone that I really didn't feel anything took place and thought it was another joke. I was being real honest with him and I told him I felt that it was no different than anything else. Nothing took place and I was disappointed overall. I began to tell Ron something about what happened up there in Salt Lake that at the time I didn't realize was happening. Before I knew it I was telling Ron over the telephone everything that Summum was about and how it participates and harmonizes with Creation. Ron started laughing over the phone and said to me, "That's what we were all trying to tell you, but you wouldn't listen!" I said to him, "You mean that's what you were trying to tell me? I don't believe that's what you were trying to tell me, because now I'm telling you!!" And as I was saying that, I was listening to my own words and I was saying to Ron, "How come all of a sudden I understand what's going on?" Ron is kind of a very reserved person and he's very intelligent and he said, "Well Al, it's interesting sometimes how the message of Creation and the song or the story of Creation, how it penetrates our ignorance and allows our soul to see or witness something that truly exists."

From that day on, I've never been the same. To this day it baffles my intellect as to how I knew the real story behind Summum and what it is about. I can honestly say today without a shadow of a doubt that unbeknownst to me, when those crystals were placed on the side of my head in Salt Lake City, Utah, inside that pyramid, under the instruction of Amen Ra, something definitely happened. A story of life of the most profound place within existence was revealed to me. Something I had never conceived before in my intellect was possible. And it was done without words. It wasn't preached into my memory. It wasn't drummed through my eyeballs out of a book. It was a story or an awareness that came to me through a part of me that I never knew existed before. For the first time, that portal of understanding the knowledge of Creation was opened up to me and since that time, I've been able to expand that portal to that direct line of knowledge and understand more and more of what it offers. Life has definitely changed for me from that first weekend visit in Salt Lake City.

Alfonso Greco
October 1986