Quite the Rush

Michael Jack Hopkinson

My name is Michael Jack Hopkinson. I was born August 9, 1950, in Provo, Utah. This is my account of an experience with Amen Ra (Founder).

I first met Summum Bonum Amen Ra ("Corky") in the spring of 1976. I did not see him again until October 26, 1996, during a class held in the pyramid at 707 Genesee Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah. During class, Corky retold the story about his experience 20 years earlier with the Summa Individuals. He retold the story exactly as he had told it to me when I first met him.

First, having Corky remember me so well and then to hear him telling the original story of his encounter, just as he had after almost twenty years, well, the whole evening was a very spiritual ordeal.

What happened was Corky was talking about orgasm and meditation. I was gazing into a flower at the alter and thinking about how it really is working for me. That's when the first "rush" started. Just a small one - started, just a small one. He asked Jo about morphine (she was just out of the hospital from surgery), and the high from that. He asked, "Has anyone had morphine before?" As a recreational drug, I guess. I didn't notice if anyone else said they had or not, but I raised my hand. Corky said something like, "was it anything like this?" or "see how this rush is?" something to that effect. I looked up at him and started to feel energy flowing into me. Surging, more and more almost like a climax, it continued to get more and more intense until colors, and a sensation of being lifted surged through me. I could feel myself straighten up, my shoulders square. Intense adrenalin. It even felt as if my face was changing, lifting.

I have never felt anything so incredible. More than all the rushes from drugs put together. Or anything else I have ever experienced.

Michael Jack Hopkinson
November 1996